As vital supporters of the Lakewood Daf Yomi Chaburah (LDY) Shiurim, listeners from across the world provide financial resources that propel Shiurs reach, through its proprietary Daf Yomi APP on Apple and Android devices, daily emails, social media marketing, website, as well as enhancing the live shiur experience. 

The Lakewood Daf Yomi Chaburah works diligently to reach more people across the globe, while keeping its true to its mantra:
An Energy infused Daf Yomi Shiur. Packed with a flavor of lumdus, halacha, machshava, hashkafa, general yedios, and the exclusive #TheRestOfTheStory related to the sugya.

The Lakewood Daf Yomi Chaburah is committed to keeping costs free for its live and virtual members, making the internationally acclaimed shiur available to all.

There are no salaries, paid advertising/marketing or overhead expenses. Sponsorships cover only a portion of operating costs. 

Below are some of our partners, and we are very grateful to each.

T H A N K       Y O U!!!

APP Development SPONSORS!!

Currently in PROGRESS:
Development of 2.0, with app updates along the way

[Alphabetical Order - List in Formation]

Mr. & Mrs. Sruly Bornstein
Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchok Bornstein
Mrs. & Mrs Yonah Feder
Mr & Mrs. Shimon Gelbtuch
Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Paskez
Mr. & Mrs. Berel Rosenfeld
Mr. & Mrs. Lieber Schachter
Reb & Mrs. Osher Schapiro - England
Mr. & Mrs. Moishe Wydra

The French Press Coffee & K-cups for the Live Shiur 
This week:

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Past Weekly Coffee Sponsors:
Naftali Klein - Monsey NY  לע״נ ר חיים בן ר אליעזר הלוי  , Shlomo Prager - לרפ׳ש רפאל חיים שאר ישוב בן באבא חיה רבקה., 
Dovi Zuckerman - לע"נ אהרון דוד בן דוב  ע׳ה, Naftali Klein - Monsey NY, Chaim D Katz -  Zechus Refuah Shelama Malka bas Chaya Breindel & Yaakov ben Miriam Shoshana,
EZZY STAVSKY -  לע״נ חנה בת יעקב יוסף
Chaim D Katz - Zechus Refuah Shelama Malka bas Chaya Breindel
Yossi Mandel  לע״נ אברהם בינוש בן יחיאל יהודה הכהן מאנדעל ע״ה,
Pinnny Bak - לעילוי נשמת ר׳ ישעיה בן ר׳  משה, R' Asher Frankel, R' Yitzchok Gross, Rabbi Shloime Kaszirer
R' Mochey Nathan, R' Eli Freidman x4 weeks
Daf Yomi Images

Reb Gedaliah Weinberger
Credit For Providing The Daf Image On The both the iOS & Android APP &
allowing us to use the Audio as needed - used on the days that are not recorded
NEW in Sanhedrin!! Dafim on Shabbos and Yom Tov Now Have Audio!! 


The Lakewood Scoop - Our Official Media Partner
Always looking for ways to be marbitz Torah************************ 
Our APP developers
iOS: Moshe Berman of @BermanStudios
Android: Yossi Lebel


Mr. & Mrs. Usher Egert (High St. - Lakewood)
for the kind and much appreciated sponsorship of The Oz Vehadar (blue) Gemorohs for each mesechta &
for taking the initiative to start the new Chaburah library

Reb & Mrs. Meir Weisz (Sea Gate NY)
For the Oz Vehadar Safa Berurah edition Gemorohs for each mesechta

Dedicated In Honor of
 Ben Lunzer- Great Neck NY
By The Lunzer Family
In Honor of Their Father/Husband Birthday on Rosh Hashana

Next Month: Ben Lunzer- Great Neck NYFollowing Month: [Available]
Past Sponsors
Ben Lunzer- Great Neck NY


For maintenance & further enhancements

Next Month: [Available] Following Month: [Available]

Past Sponsors:

Yom Tov (Leo) Gross of FILLER UP KOSHER WINES - Teaneck NJUsher Egert,
Levi Yitzchok Novoseller, Berel Rosenfeld X2